Brother Doug’s Pizza Cafe | Fishers, IN

Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza, Sausage and Seasoned Pizza, and Cheese Strips

If you like small, family-owned and operated pizzerias, then Brother Doug’s Pizza is for you.  It offers the great qualities you’d expect of such an establishment, with friendly service and community involvement being the most obvious ones.  Brother Doug provided a great example of his community involvement during my visit by providing us with pink cookies to […]

Aurelio’s Pizza | Fishers, IN

10" #12 (Sausage and Pepperoni)

Aurelio’s Pizza has an impressive history, and I’m very excited that they have finally made their way to central Indiana by opening a store in Fishers in 2016.  Aurelio’s was started by Joe Aurelio in Homewood, Illinois in 1959, and it remains run by the Aurelio family to this day.  It was actually the first Chicago pizzeria […]

Slimms Pizza and Salads | Fishers, IN

Sausage, Green Olive, and Garlic Pizza

Slimms Pizza and Salads is a recent addition to the fast custom pizza craze that seems to be sweeping the nation.  Their promise is to cook, cut, and serve your pizza in four minutes.  While this is similar to Blaze Pizza and Pie Five, what makes Slimms unique is that they are family-owned.  In fact, Slimms […]

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza | Fishers, IN

Bronx Bomber

Brixx Wood Fired Pizza appears to be built around two fundamentals that should have them destined for great success: good pizza and a nice craft beer selection.  Not that it’s necessary, but they actually have some food beyond pizza as well.  To sample something else before the pizza, I did try their bruschetta.  It was pretty good, but it […]

New York Pizza Garden | Fishers, IN

New York Pizza Garden_Cheese Pizza

New York Pizza Garden recently opened in a small strip mall just off of IN-37 and 126th Street in Fishers.  Oddly enough, it is in the same strip mall that houses Big Apple Bagels.  New York Pizza Garden has a small eat-in area, and they offer pizza-by-the-slice for those who want to grab a quick bite.  I would […]

South of Chicago Pizza & Italian Beef | Fishers, IN

South of Chicago_Deep Dish Sausage Pizza

South of Chicago Pizza & Italian beef is rapidly trying to spread their Chicago-style pizza across the Indianapolis area.  They first opened in the Fletcher Place neighborhood of Indianapolis about three years ago, then they opened another location in Fishers’ Saxony at the beginning of 2014, and they now have plans to add a third restaurant in […]

Rockstone Pizzeria & Pub | Fishers, IN

Rockstone Pizzeria & Pub in Fishers, IN_Regular Crust Meatzorilla Pizza

Rockstone Pizzeria & Pub is a newer restaurant at 116th and Allisonville in Fishers, Indiana that has the potential to really catch on.  The pub part of Rockstone Pizzeria & Pub features a great local beer list and the pizzeria part offers both wood-fired and traditional crust pizzas.  Beyond that, they also serve starters, salads, […]

Casler’s Kitchen & Bar Review | Fishers, IN

Casler's Kitchen & Bar_The White Pizza

Casler’s Kitchen & Bar in Fishers, Indiana offers a wide variety of food and plenty of televsions.  The pizza that Casler’s is known for is The White Pizza which consists of a sharp cheddar sauce, grilled chicken, bacon, mushrooms, red onions, and mozzarella cheese.  I was extremely pleased with the way the savory sharp cheddar sauce […]

Apezza | Fishers, IN

Apezza_Meat Lovers

Apezza is a tasty pizzeria in the Geist Reservior area of Fishers, Indiana.  They are known for their fresh ingredients, and they were really evident in the Meat Lovers pizza pictured above.  I sometimes find that lots of meat on pizzas can lead to a lack of unique tastes, but that was not the case with […]

Buttitta’s Pizzeria Review | Fishers, IN

Buttitta's Pizzeria_Sausage and Pepperoni

Buttitta’s Italian Pizzeria is a nice family-owned and operated restaurant in Fishers, Indiana. Many of their ingredients are homemade including their sauce, dough, Italian sausage, meatballs, and beef. The fresh sauce and toppings really stood out on the sausage and pepperoni pizza I had that is pictured above. I also tried their prosciutto pizza (pictured […]